4 Different Types Of Trucking Jobs

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There is a large need for certified CDL truck drivers. If you have a CDL license, or you are willing to go through the training to get one, there is a host of jobs that you can access. If you want to get a truck driving job, it is essential to know what type of job you want, as that will impact the time you spend on the road and any additional endorsements you will have to earn for that type of job.

Job #1: Dry Van

Dry van drivers operate large single-trailer vehicles. The trailer is generally connected or a part of the main cabin. With a dry van, you are moving dry goods as well as non-perishable food items. Generally, someone else will load and unload your van for you.

Dry van jobs tend to be locally or regionally based. You may work for a company moving items from their warehouse to their stores in the area. Or you may work for a product provider, taking shipments to their local customers. Depending on the employer, you may be home every night, or you may be on the road, but just for a few nights a week.

Job #2: Flatbed 

Another popular trucking job is pulling a flatbed truck. As a flatbed truck driver, you will need to understand how to secure the goods onto your truck. That requires special knowledge on how to secure different types of cargo to the flatbed. A flatbed is an open-air structure that you attach the goods to. Due to the additional skills that a driver is required to have to ensure that their load is safe, flatbed truckers tend to get paid a little more.

With a flatbed truck, you may be transporting cargo such as vehicles and other oversized freight that cannot fit inside of an enclosed truck.

Job #3: Tankers

With a tanker, you are transporting liquids. This requires you to obtain a special endorsement for your CDL license. As a tanker truck driver, you have to know how to keep the liquids you are transporting safe at all times. If you ever experience an emergency and liquids spill out of your truck, you have to know how to respond to minimize damage and keep everyone and everything around the spill safe. This requires extra knowledge and training.

Tankers transport liquids that are both hazardous and non-hazardous. Exactly what you are transporting depends on who you are working with or for. This is a long-haul style job, where you will drive your liquid cargo long distances. 

Job #4: LTL Freight Trucks

LTL freight trucks are less-than-truckload shipment trucks. That doesn't mean that you are not transporting a full load of cargo, just that you are transporting multiple small loads inside your truck, generally for multiple customers. LTL is usually reserved for short distances. So, you will have to drive your truck within a small area, making multiple stops a day.

When it comes to working in the trucking industry, it is essential to know what type of trucking jobs you want to pursue. The four types of trucking jobs above are just a sampling of the different types of cargo, distances, and responsibilities you would have as a truck driver, depending on the type of jobs you pursue and are hired for. To get a job as a truck driver, you need to get your CDL license and the proper endorsements for the type of job you want to perform.

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