5 Times Your Employees Benefit From A Limo Service

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Does your company have a limousine and executive car service in their contact list? If not, you may be missing out on a great way to make your business more efficient as well as to provide an added perk for employees at the right time. Not sure how to utilize a limo for employees? Here are five of the most important occasions. 

1. When On-Boarding New Employees 

Have you hired a key employee and want to give them a great introduction to your company? Pick them up in a limo and spend the first day getting to know them. Take them to key locations — such as satellite offices, important clients, select vendors, or project work sites — so they get to know your business from the beginning. And invite other employees who will work with the new person so they build a rapport.

2. To Get Remote Workers Together 

Remote employee relationships can be hard to maintain. One important step is to get these distant teams together regularly for face-to-face quality time. Whether it's a staff meeting, company picnic, team-building opportunities, or a birthday party, pick up everyone in style for a special treat. As an added bonus, your staff will travel together, maximizing their ability to form bonds. 

3. For a Special Individual Treat

Do you want to recognize an employee for some special reason? It might be a key birthday, an anniversary of their time with your company, or the completion of an important project. Whatever the reason, go beyond a cake in the break room. Hire them a limo for the day and make it truly spectacular. The limo can be at their beck and call, and you might even include a special meal with the department or management — with everyone arriving by fancy car service. 

4. To Send Someone Off In Style

Retiring employees deserve the best. And this is your last chance to show them how much they have impacted your business over the years. So say it with flair and make the person feel especially appreciated. 

5. When Employees Need to Travel 

If you're sending a significant group of employees to a retreat, a big meeting, a conference, or a similar group activity, the best way to ensure that they all arrive on time and as ready as they can be is to arrange their transportation yourself. A large car, such as a limo or an SUV, accommodates many people and may even work out to be the most economical option. And everyone will be rested and have time to prepare.  

Which of these occasions could your company benefit from the most? A limo service on call is a good solution not only to practical travel concerns but also to how you can make employees feel appreciated and remembered. Learn more by meeting with a limo service in your area today.  

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