When Temperature-Controlled Warehouses Are Needed

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Some warehouses store items that aren't affected one way or the other by temperature. In this situation, the reason for controlling the temperature of the warehouse would solely be to ensure that the workers have a comfortable and healthy work environment. In other cases, the items being kept in a warehouse need to be kept at a certain temperature. Learn about some of the types of things that require a temperature-controlled warehouse by reading the information here. 

Foods and beverages - Most foods and many types of beverages need to be kept at certain temperatures. There are some foods that need to be kept frozen and others that need to be kept refrigerated. However, there are many foods that may not need to be kept in a temperature that is as cold as a refrigerated temperature but that still need to be kept at a cooler temperature. Fruit is a good example of a food that can't sit in a hot warehouse. If it is kept in the heat, then the fruit won't last nearly as long. On the other hand, in regions where the outside weather gets too cold, foods like fruits may need to be kept in a warehouse that is heated enough so the fruit doesn't end up destroyed. 

Supplements and vitamins - If you read a bottle of supplements or vitamins, you will likely see where it says to keep them out of extreme heat. This is because excessive exposure to things like heat and even light can cause the supplements and vitamins to lose their effectiveness much faster than they would if they were stored in the right condition. Supplements and vitamins are put in containers that have a protective coloring to them, such as brown, green, and even dark orange in order to protect them from the light. However, it will be up to you to make sure the temperature at which they are stored is correct in the warehouse. 

Wax products - Items that are made of wax need to be kept at a temperature that prevents them from melting. There are more items made of wax than you may realize. Along with things like candles, there are also other things that are made from wax, such as certain Halloween decorations and types of home decor. If the wax items melt, they can be destroyed, and they can also damage other things that they are being stored near.

To learn more, contact a temperature-controlled warehouse in your area.

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