Tips For The Transportation Of An Oversize Load

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While transporting most loads is pretty straightforward, oversize loads require extra planning. An oversize load is one which exceeds standard regulations for weight, height, length, or width. If you need to have an oversize load transported, you will need to do some extra work to make sure that the load makes its way from point A to point B without any problems. Ideally, you should plan the transportation of an oversize load as far in advance as possible to help ensure that there are no delays or other issues. Use the following tips to help coordinate the transportation of an oversize load.

Understand the Regulations

While the definition of an oversize load is clear, each state will have its own regulations, and the regulations can vary slightly from one state to another. When planning the transportation of an oversize load, you need to know whether or not the load qualifies as an oversize load and requires an oversize permit. The last thing you want is any issues, so it is very important to carefully measure the load and then compare it to the state's regulations. If the load is very close to the limits that qualify it for an oversize load, seek further information in order to avoid potential fines.

Obtain Proper Permits

When an oversize load needs to be transported, a special permit is required. You best bet is to work with an oversize permit service when you need an oversize permit for a load. An oversize permit service will understand the rules and regulations in each state and will assist with all of the paperwork and documentation needed to secure an oversize permit. In most cases, using an oversize permit service makes the process of getting the permit go much more smoothly. In some cases, an oversize permit service may be able to expedite a permit so you can get it faster.

Determine if an Escort Is Needed

In some cases, an especially large oversize load may require an escort. Civilian escort services are companies that offer escort vehicles that travel in front of and behind an oversize load to help minimize any potential problems. Sometimes, a pilot car may be needed—this is necessary for loads that are very tall, and the pilot car will drive ahead to ensure that there are no low structures that could cause clearance issues. From time to time, a police escort may be needed on certain routes. 

For more information, talk to companies in your area about oversize permit services.

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