5 Reasons To Provide Transportation To The Company Party

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Are you planning a company picnic or day out? While this day will be a fun reward for your employees, it can also come with added challenges for the company. One easy way to reduce planning stress and protect the company is to provide your own transportation for guests. Why should your company opt for this added expense? Here are five of the most important reasons. 

1. There's a Designated Driver. If your company party will include any alcohol — or if you suspect that some will bring their own alcohol — the employer takes on additional liability if anything bad happens on the way home. Avoid this problem by providing transportation for anyone who wants to drink or for the group as a whole as a precaution. 

2. No One Has to Navigate. Going to an unknown location? Want to hold your affair at a downtown spot with difficult traffic or limited parking? Get everyone there safely and without stress by providing the drivers. Shared transportation will drop off employees and their families for a fun day and then pick them up when it's over. Everyone can just have a good time and you don't have to worry about your people. 

3. You'll Need Transportation Anyway. Setting up and breaking down a company party — especially one outdoors — usually requires transporting a lot of stuff to and from the venue. So, if you'll need to hire some extra vehicles to move things, why not hire something that will get double duty by bringing guests as well? It could be a great way to recoup your costs. 

4. Everyone Is On Time. If the event has a defined start and end time, you can better control the schedule if your shared transportation gets everyone there at a designated time. This is perfect for events with a speaker, with workshops, or with a particular hour when you must vacate the premises. 

5. It's a Simple Perk. Hiring a bus or mini-buses is an easy win for company party planners. It adds a great surprise element to the day and encourages participation by all. When you make such a signature statement at the beginning of your picnic, it automatically becomes memorable and more fun — and you didn't have to do anything but pick up the phone. 

Could some transportation options help elevate your company outing? No matter whether you need liability protection or just help with the logistics of the day, having this covered will make things easier and more enjoyable for all. 

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