Six Dump Truck Operation Mistakes To Avoid To Maximize Safety

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A dump truck is an essential piece of equipment for many different transportation applications. However, dump trucks can be dangerous if they are not operated properly.

You need to avoid commonly made dump truck operation mistakes that compromise safety. The following are six dump truck operation mistakes to avoid to maximize safety. 

Operating a dump truck alone

It's always safest to conduct dump truck work with a helper. If you operate a dump truck alone, it will be more difficult and dangerous to steer the dump truck around tight areas.

Having a spotter available helps ensure that your dump truck is properly loaded and maneuvered around your work site. 

Attempting to unload on uneven ground

A lot of workers operating dump trucks are tempted to unload on uneven ground for the sake of convenience and speed. However, this is a big safety mistake.

When a dumpster is emptied on uneven ground, it is possible for the dump truck to become unbalanced. Rearrange the placement of equipment on your work site if the area where you need to unload your dump truck is situated over uneven ground. 

Neglecting to inspect your dump truck on a daily basis

Set some time aside before every workday to perform an inspection of your dump truck. Make sure that your tire treads are deep enough and all of your lights, hoses, and lift equipment is operating properly.

Also, check maintenance schedules as part of inspections and make sure that your dump truck isn't in need of vital maintenance like putting air in the tires and lubricating your bushings and pins. 

Placing the load within the truck bed unevenly

Every time you load up your dump truck, make sure that you put the contents of the dump truck in between the bed rails. Even weight distribution within the truck bed is important for ensuring that the dump truck doesn't lose balance or become unstable. 

Allowing too many people to congregate where a dump truck is being operated

While having a helper present when you operate a dump truck is important, having too many people around can be dangerous. Keep those who are not directly involved in dump truck work away from the area to avoid obstacles and distractions. 

Going over weight capacities

It's important to be aware of the weight capacity of your dump truck. The manufacturer of your dump truck should specify the maximum weight it can accommodate in its bed. Going over this weight could make a dump truck unstable or increase the chances of a mechanical malfunction. 

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