Moving Single Arcade Games Across The Country: How To Do It For Less

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Everything old is new again, or so they say. Among those old things made new again are arcade games and arcades. If you are purchasing old arcade games and shipping them to your town to start your own old-school arcade, you will likely find that shipping these heavy machines can be quite expensive. This usually happens because you are being charged full truckload freight rates, and that gets costly because you are not usually transporting more than one or two items on a full-sized truck. However, you do not have to pay that much, and here is how you can avoid it. 

Hire a Less Than a Truckload Freight Broker

These folks make it their business to find you a reasonable fee for the transport of each old arcade machine you want to ship. They barter, bargain, and broker a freight deal that you can cope with. Then you agree to pay the fee, and they get your item on a truck. You will never have to pay the full freight fee for any of your arcade games, regardless of where you are having them shipped from. Your games are loaded on partial trucks or on trucks by themselves and then they are either transported all the way by truck, or they are transferred to other modes of freight shipping. This will ensure they get your games to you faster and with less cost to you. 

Get a Full Update in Real-Time to Learn Where Your Games Are

When you use the services of a freight broker, you will know exactly where your games are at any one time and on what mode of transport they are currently. The freight broker will give you all of the tracking information, including tracking for the different modes of transport used, if applicable. In some cases, the freight broker can even narrow down the window of arrival so that you can be home or at the arcade during the delivery window and not have to worry about missing the delivery of your arcade games. 

Move the Items Yourself

The only way you can make shipping arcade games any less costly is if you fetch them yourself. In some cases when you scope out games for sale and they are within driving distance of your arcade business or home city, it may be simpler to rent a cargo van and go get them. However, when the games are located hundreds of miles away, engaging a freight broker is better. 

To learn more about less than truckload freight brokers, contact a company in your area like Move Freight.

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