Is Your School Bus Fleet Breaking Down? 4 Benefits Of Switching To An Electric School Bus

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Many schools and districts buy a fleet of buses at the same time, and they eventually get worn out over the same period of time. This can leave your transportation crew scrambling to find solutions for updating their buses without breaking the budget. As you begin to look for a school bus for sale, be sure to keep these four benefits of moving to an electric bus in mind.

Create a Healthier Environment for the Students

The majority of gas-powered school buses run on diesel fuel. Sadly, this type of fuel system generates potentially dangerous fumes that kids inhale as they walk to the bus and board it. These fumes can often be smelled on the interior of the bus, which is also unhealthy for the students and driver. Moving away from diesel fuel provides students with cleaner air as they go to and from school. Since many students use this transportation method for longer commutes, improving the air quality for them is important for their long term health.

Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility

Both public and private education systems spend a great deal of time teaching the students about how to be environmentally responsible. Whether your school has a recycling program or your students help maintain a public garden, there are so many ways to show students how they can help take care of the world around them. With an electric bus, your school system makes it clear that they do everything that they can to reduce their transportation method's carbon emissions. This is especially important if you live in an area that already has a high rate of traffic that contributes to poor air quality.

Save Money On Fuel and Maintenance

Maintaining a fleet of school buses is a major expense for many schools, and your district may struggle with fitting things such as repairs and fuel into the budget. Electric school buses are designed with simpler systems and components. This makes it easier to perform repairs, and the electric engines are less likely to break down over time. The cost benefits of using electrical charging versus gasoline fuel are also substantial.

Take Advantage of Grants

The cost of upgrading to a new fleet or replacing an outdated school bus is also substantial. Many areas now recognize the importance of having safe and eco-friendly vehicles by making it easier for schools to move to an electric bus. With an electric school bus grant, your district may be able to replace buses that are beyond repair using funds that increase your ability to maximize your schools' budget.

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