Who Is Going To Pick Up The Tab For The Ride You Both Received In The Cab?

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Beginning a new relationship can be challenging. You want to promote an air of confidence and seem agreeable and charming, yet you don't want to exude a personality that is reminiscent of a pushover. Finding a balance is important and the first couple dates with your new partner is your time to lay down your true persona. If you and your girlfriend are going to be heading to town to take in a movie or eat a meal together, decide how the cab bill will be handled to avoid miscommunication and negative feelings.

Take Ownership If You Orchestrate The Outing

Part of your attempt to impress your date may involve showing her a trendy new club or an eatery that you refer to as a 'hidden gem'. If you initiate plans to take your girlfriend to a favored venue, it is only fair that you treat your partner in entirety. This includes making arrangements for a taxi cab driver to pick both of you up and transport the two of you to your planned destination and handling the cab fare.

The destination may be further away than what your partner has anticipated and she may only be comfortable paying for public transportation that involves traveling short distances, due to her budget. By letting your date know that you have all of the costs handled, she will not need to worry about being short on cash and embarrassing herself.

Determine The Cost Beforehand And Agree To Split The Amount

If you and your girlfriend spend time brainstorming about a new adventure that the two of you can participate in together and eventually agree upon an outing, each person should be required to pay their admission to a venue and their fair share of the transportation cost.

Contact a taxi outfitter to reserve a cab and driver and inquire about the amount of the fare. Add half of the cost to the price of admission and provide the figure to your girlfriend. Break down the cost, so that she is aware of how much the transportation costs and how much the venue costs.

Be Respectful Of Each Other's Tipping Preferences

Your tipping preferences may be somewhat different than your girlfriend's. If you appreciate the punctuality of your driver and the safe manner in which they drive, you may be inclined to give them a decent tip. Your girlfriend, however, may be tighter with her money and not willing to splurge on a hefty tip. Respect your girlfriend's tipping methods and expect her to respect yours, as well.

If you are taking a cab and it is an outing that you have agreed to split the costs for, accept your partner's share and add it to yours. Then, thank the driver for their service. Pay them the fare and give them the tip that you think that they deserve. Your girlfriend can follow suit, providing the driver with a monetary amount that she is comfortable with.

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