Use A Limousine To Create The Perfect Ambience For A First Date

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After speaking to the pretty receptionist at the water cooler in your place of employment, you may have finally gotten up the nerve to ask her to accompany you to a trendy restaurant and take in a live show at a theater afterward. Impress your date by having a limousine at your disposal for the evening and providing your partner with some tasty snacks or a glass of champagne. 

Your Full Attention and a Private Atmosphere Can Work Wonders

It can be awkward to tell your date to repeat herself, if you are responsible for driving and aren't able to fully concentrate on what she is saying. Your female counterpart will appreciate the fact that your attention is fully on her while in the limo, and the smooth flow of the conversation will help your date warm up to you and reveal her interests or past experiences that have shaped her into the person she is.

When making a reservation through a limousine company, you will have the option of selecting a regular sedan that is fully decked out with privacy film and a cozy seating area or a stretch model that features a large passenger area and plenty of legroom. Request a model that contains a partition between the driver and the seating area, so that you and your partner will feel as if you are the only two people inside of the vehicle. 

Food That Is Paired With a Beverage Will Be Satisfying

Even though you and your date will be headed to a restaurant, you may want to tour the city or ride around aimlessly for a while. This interlude will provide ample time to share a platter of ham and cheese slices or sip a glass of champagne or fine wine.

Check with the owner of the limousine outfitter about their policies concerning food and drinks. Some companies may furnish light snacks and bottled beverages. If not, provide some details about the items that you would like to bring along with you. Soft music and side bar lighting will complete the cozy setting that you are trying to promote. 

Flowers or a Balloon Arrangement Can Be Exchanged

If you plan on surprising your date with the limousine rental, tell her about the places that you plan on taking her and the type of attire that should be worn. Ask the chauffeur to pick you up first. Purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers or a small balloon arrangement and exit the limousine, with the gift, when you get to your date's home. Hand your partner the gift item and walk her down the sidewalk to reveal the stylish ride that the two of you will be traveling in.

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