The Pros And Cons Of Including Alcohol In The Wedding Limo Ride

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Are you hiring a wedding limo for your big day? This fun tradition adds an extra facet to any party, whether it's traditional or a big, blowout bash. But one question that all brides and grooms must answer for themselves is whether or not to serve alcohol during the limo ride. What should you do? To help you find the right answer to this age-old question, consider these pros and cons.

The Pros of Including Alcohol

The biggest 'pro' of allowing alcohol on the car ride is that the party gets started earlier. If you're with your best friends and wedding party, this is a way to celebrate your big day with those you love most, before you are inundated with the rest of the wedding guests and stresses. In addition, the limo could become the unofficial wedding after-party, too. 

A bride or groom who is nervous about the day may find that a little tipple before arriving at the venue helps take the edge off and allows them to enjoy things more. Want a romantic wedding ride? Toast your wedded bliss with some champagne with your loved ones on the way there and your partner on the return trip. 

The Cons of Including Alcohol

The same feature that makes serving alcohol appealing might also make it unappealing. The ability to 'get the party started' might cause unnecessary drama, arguing, or even rowdy behavior on the ride to or from the wedding. If you worry about the ability of anyone in the limo to stop before they've had 'one too many' or anyone's behavior, encouraging any alcohol use could make things awkward or stressful during the ride.

On the other hand, what if someone in your wedding party would be uncomfortable around alcohol? If you have someone who has battled alcoholism or a family history involving it, you may want to stick with snacks and casual beverages so that no one has to feel put on the spot.

Finally, alcohol in the limo could simply be one extra expense you really don't need. If you're on a tight budget, do you want to pay the extra cost (and potential fees) of providing what is essentially an open bar for the short limo ride to the venues? While a single bottle of champagne for a toast might not be a big expense, a limo or party bus filled with guests who pass around the bottles could easily add up.

Each couple must make the decision about alcohol in the car for themselves. There is no patently right or wrong answer. But by weighing the pros and cons, you're sure to make a wise choice for all involved. And then you can get back to the serious business of having fun on your wedding day. For more information, get in touch with a wedding limo rental service near you.

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