Transforming A Warehouse Into A Storage Facility: Three Ways This Transformation Can Go

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Warehouses formerly belonging to different companies are often transformed into storage unit spaces. There are a number of ways to go about this, but each results in a profitable means of warehouse storage that can be offered to dozens of storage renters. Here are three of the ways in which warehouse space is transformed into storage. 

Pod Storage

This is probably the easiest of all warehouse to storage transformations. The only thing that changes are what is contained inside the warehouse and how the pods are stored. Several heavy duty storage shelves are erected from floor to ceiling. The pods themselves are lifted into place and inserted into a designated spot on a shelf. Renters have the pods delivered to their homes or places of business, and then the renters fill up the pod. The storage company retrieves the pod, and places it in its assigned spot on a warehouse shelf. 

Inward Construction of Storage Units

In this case, a contractor comes into the warehouse and constructs numerous storage units of varying sizes. From the size of a large shed to the size of a tractor-trailer garage, all of these units are built on the inside of the walls that make up the former warehouse. Each unit is assigned a number and a rental price. These units may be environmentally controlled because they are inside, or they may not. It just depends on the company that buys the warehouse and transforms it to a storage facility. 

Outward Construction

The warehouse is divided straight down the middle with a wall. From there, the warehouse is divided in segments with smaller walls perpendicular to the central dividing wall. Several openings wide enough to accommodate garage doors are made in the outward walls of the warehouse. Then garage doors are installed. You can store anything in these outside and outward-facing units, including cars, buses, boats, and recreational vehicles (e.g., snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.). If you want to turn a warehouse into outdoor storage for the purpose of appealing to customers who have modes of transportation to store, this is the way to go. 

Choosing the Right Abandoned Warehouse or Warehouse Property

Location is essential to a warehouse transformation. It is important to focus on what cross-section of customers you want to appeal to, and what type of storage facility you want to own and operate. Focus on these aspects when choosing a warehouse to transform into storage property. For information, contact a warehouse storage specialist, such as Tristar Freight System.

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